Fun Facts About Cannabis

When talking about cannabis there is a lot of information about it going on, but of course, we don't want to bore you with that, instead, we will let you know some fun and interesting facts about cannabis so you can increase your knowledge about it and have some fun in the meantime.

  1. Cannabis Has Multiple Nicknames: Cannabis has around 200 slang terms in addition to "grass," "weed," and "pot." It's known as "gasper stick" in the United Kingdom, and "Caracas" in Latin America. Cannabis was also given a nickname by Vietnam War GI soldiers. They named marijuana "dinky Dow cigarette" because it caused them to do strange things.
  2. Today’s Cannabis is Far More Potent: For starters, it's purer than the illicit "hippie cannabis" that was brought into the US. Marijuana has also been grown to improve its THC concentration, so the high you experience now is far higher than what your older relatives got.
  3. Cannabis Can Both Relax and Energize You: This is mostly determined by the sort of strain you ingest. Sativa is more energizing and stimulating, whereas Indica is more calming and sedating. You could choose any of those or a combination of both for surprising results!
  4. Did you Know This About our First President? On his Mount Vernon farm, George Washington planted marijuana. He referred to it as hemp, but we all know what was actually going on.
  5. Cannabis was the First Online Sale: Of course, that was against the law at the time. Stanford students purchased a package of marijuana from MIT students in the early 1970s. This indicates that cannabis was the first substance ever sold online!
  6. Shakespeare and His Wild Imagination: William Shakespeare used and farmed cannabis, according to evidence. That in question is marijuana residue discovered in the pipes Shakespeare abandoned in his garden. In his yard, four clay tobacco pipes were discovered, each with traces of marijuana within.
  7. Rest in Peace Bob Marley: Bob Marley was laid to rest with his red Gibson guitar, a cannabis bud, and a Bible open to Psalms 23: "The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures.” Appropriate, isn’t it?
  8. Cannabis is Used to Create Canvas’s.: Throughout history, canvases have been used to create some of the most significant works of art. Canvases were regularly made with the help of marijuana. Cannabis had a significant effect on the construction of canvases, the name of which is derived from the word cannabis.

Here you got them. So now that you know these facts it’s time for the better part, consuming it! And that we can help with, Capital Cannabis offers nothing but the best Cannabis and Weed products delivered to you in many locations. Experience a high like no other. Visit our website to order online or contact us today for any questions!

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