Weed Delivery OC Tips: 5 Exciting Games to Boost Your Group Smoke Sessions

A great way to socialize, bond, and have some good old-fashioned fun with friends is to organize a group smoke session. A little creativity can take any session—from a quiet night to an outdoor party—to the next level.

  • Medusa: Freeze, or You'll Get Stoned!

Medusa is a new take on the traditional "Duck, Duck, Goose" that incorporates cannabis. A fun variation on the classic "Goose the Goose" smoking game involves a group of people sitting in a circle and each taking a hit while saying "Medusa" instead of "Goose." The designated "Goose" must now stand up and give pursuit as you go around the ring. The exciting aspect is that Medusa can freeze in the middle of a strike, forcing the pursuer to take another puff before attempting to tag her.

  • Stoned Musical Chairs: Musical Fun with a Twist

Stoned Musical Chairs is an amped-up version of the original game. Put some chairs in a circle, turn up the music, and start dancing in place. Everyone scrambles to find a seat as soon as the music stops, and the individual leaves standing puffs on their cigarette one more time. You'll keep playing until everyone is feeling well and laughing with each other.

  • Joint-Rolling Competition: Who Can Roll the Best?Joint-Rolling Competition: Who Can Roll the Best?

Create a rolling competition to elevate the art of joint rolling to the level of a sport. Give everybody some rolling papers and weed and have them try to make the best joint they can. After a predetermined amount of time, score each other's performance. The winner gets an extra round of cigarettes as their prize.

  • One Word Story: High Storytelling Fun

The smoking game One Word Story is hilarious and sure to get the creative juices flowing in a group. To create a narrative, each player contributes a single word; however, to participate, they must first receive a hit. The plot twists and turns in this narrative are often hilarious. It's a great way to get those creative juices flowing, along with some good belly laughs.

  • Taxi!: A Cannabis Twist on a Classic Game

Smoke some weed and play a new version of "Taxi!" Gather your pals in a circle, and have one of them act as the "Taxi Driver" in the middle. Everyone else settles into a seat as though they were cab passengers. As they indicate a passenger, the driver calls out, "Taxi!" The designated person must exchange places with another passenger. It's a fun and easy game that goes well with a puff or two.

Incorporating these five cannabis games can inject energy and unforgettable moments into your group smoke sessions. So, round up your crew, have a blast, and savor these games. It's all about having a fantastic time, creating memories, and enjoying your favorite herb.

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